The rock cd list will have a diverse range of music to suite any musical taste. I hope that we can share, exchange, or buy music from each other. This list of popular rock & roll bands and single artist are some of my favorites. I've had some of these for many years and some I've just recently purchased. Check out the list and tell me what you think.

Read the list...

Alway pay for the music you love and listen too so those musicians can get paid and make a living, and continue to contribute their art to society for all of us to enjoy. Drop me a line anytime you have questions or email me a title you happen to have and want to sell or trade.Start by taking a look at my CD Rock Collection.

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Individual Project Three

JavaScript Files

This week, you will add to the functionality of your Web site by using JavaScript to enhance the interactivity of the Web pages that you created in Units 1 and 2.

Perform the following tasks for the Web site:

  • Using one of your Web pages, create a Web form for a Web visitor to make an inquiry. Use an embedded JavaScript to validate the following:
    • User has not left any fields blank
    • User has entered a valid e-mail address
    • User has not entered an invalid date
  • Add a JavaScript function (that uses a decision control structure) that is triggered when the user submits the form using the Submit button. Make sure the user is informed of issues with the form data entered, and also confirm that all data are correct.

Create a zip file containing all of the Web site and XML files, and name the zip file ""

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.