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Drums is My Passion


Drums are my passion and I've been playing drums since I was a young child. I was one of those kids who woke up Saturday mornings beating on the bottom of a pale with knives and forks to the cartoon music. Funny as that sounds, I was drumming on anything I could get my hands on and begging my parents for a drum kit. They finally broke down and bought a cheezy Solaris kit, remember those? Of course not, they weren't played by anybody famous but they gave me great joy and happiness having owned my first real drumset. I began playing right-handed at first, then thru junior high school and later on thru high school. It was always awkward and it felt unnatural and it was very difficult. Then one day I saw Rod Morgenstein, a left-handed drummer, and it all finally made sense to me. I had already developed a high level of skill playing right-handed but I switched over anyway. I started playing left-handed at the age of 18 but then a year and half later, I joined the Navy. I did'n't have much choice but I came back home four years later and I began playing again, as a lefty. I played with many different bands until around 1996 and I quit playing. I got hooked on computers in the Navy and I also studied electronics as my job was in radio commmunications. I wanted to be a programmer but in those days you had to go to college to run your programs on a mainframe. Now, with PC you can hack code and run on your own computer. I discovered the internet back around 97 and I was hooked. I began doing web design and by 2001 I was developing web site with ASP classic. My love for computers and programming took over my love for playing drums and I went back to school. Here I am again, I started back up around 2013 after more than 15 years of not playing. I just can't get it out of my system....LOL

The following is a list of the most influential drummers on me and my drumming. (Green color indicates the drummer is a lefty.)

All-Time Legend Greats:

  • Buddy Rich

  • Gene Krupa

  • Hal Blaine

Greatest 60's Influential Drummers:

  • Ringo Star (Beatles)

  • Mitch Mitchell (Jimmy Hendrix)

  • Keith Moon (The Who)

  • Chalie Whatts ( The Rolling Stones)

  • John Bonhem (Led Zepplin)

  • Ginger Baker (Cream)

  • Bill Bruford (Yes)

  • Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Greatest 70"s Most Infuential Drummers:

  • Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra)

  • Neil Pert (Rush)

  • Steve Gadd

  • Vinnie Colaiuta

  • Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dreggs) Favorite album: Unsung Heroes

  • Peter Criss

  • Tony Williams

  • Lenny White

  • Ian Pace (Deep Purple)

Greatest 80"s Most Infuential Drummers:

  • Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck) Favorite album: There and Back

  • Steve Smith

  • Tommy Lee

  • Phil Collins (Genesis)

  • Dave Weckl

  • Dennis Chambers

  • Alex Van Halen (Van Halen)

  • Mike Portnoy

  • Bobby Rock (Houston Native)

  • Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons)

Greatest 90"s Most Infuential Drummers:

  • Dave Grohl

  • Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez

  • Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

  • Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge - Rod Stewart - Monster Clinician)

  • Alex Acuna (The best congas in the world)


Greatest Most Infuential Drummers to Date:

Previous Bands

Just a few of the bands I play with a long time ago including Tejano Jodi Torrez, Jessica Hernandez, The Kick, Dead Cat Bounce, and a few others back in the day from 1988 to 1996.

Posted: 12/13/2012

Finally bought me a cheap set of electronic drums on Ebay. Man, was it hard getting back into playing. I missed it so much and I wanted to play so badly but I knew it was going to be embarrassing. Oh well, got start somewhere.

Posted: 12/15/2013

I finally broke down and bought a brand new Gretsch Catalina Maple kit. Then I saw the new Crush Acrylics and I couldn't resist and bought those too.

Posted: 02/14/2014

I added the Pearl True Trac electronic drum pads with the Roland TD-10 drum module. I couldn't play my acoustic kit at home so I bought the Pearl True Track electronic drum pads and I broke down and got a better drum module on Ebay. The Roland TD-0 has more connections and is more capable. I still have all the cymbals I need but they’re too loud played at home until I can sound proof my garage, which is my next project.

Posted: 07/23/2015

I moved to the house across the street and I sold my acoustic drums, Tru Track pads, and drum module. I bought the Simmons electronic kit instead and I'm now practicing on these new pads. Not the same as my acoustic kit but maybe someday I'll buy another acoustic as soon as I find a place to play them.

Posted: 10/09/2016

Moved to a new location that is more isolated and I finally broke down and bought the electronic kit of my dreams, the Roland TD-30v. It plays like real drums and has unlimitted drum sounds. I'm in heaven and I'm practicing at least 2 to 4 hour a day.

Posted: 05/25/2017

I'm playing in my first band and they are providing me with some acoustic drums. It's strange after not playing in a band for so long and not practicing on an acoustic kit.

Posted: 06/27/2017

I finally bought my first DW Collector's series drum kit in Broken Glass.

Posted: 07/05/2017

I had a very bad motorcycle accident and I was in the hospital for more than two months. I was in a nursing facility for a little over month and then spent time at home until I was able to go back to work October 1st. The entire time was spent recovering and I played no drums until the first of November. Minor setup right?

Posted: 01/12/2018

I I rented a practic studio and began practicing with my DW Acoustic kit. Feels great and boy do I need some work.

Posted: 06/16/2018

I started playing with another band called "Son's of Bull Run". Three guitar players, bass player, keyboard player, and lead singer and harp. This is a southern rock band with some awesome musicians. I'm very excited about playing with this band and I think all of the hard work a many hours spent practicing is about to payoff. We'll see...

Rush - Freewill

Coming Soon!

Son's of Bull Run

I'I have really worked hard the last couple of years practicing 2 to 4 hours a day whenever possible. I'm feeling the power and groove I used to feel when I was younger and I've finally reached that level that will allow me to start playing with a band. That time has come and I'm now playing with "The Son's of Bull Run". I hope you come out and see and hear me some day. I'll posting the band's schedule and web site soon so keep checking back.