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About Me

I want to thank ASP.NET  and the following experts:
Scott Mitchell, Ted Pattison, Errin O'Conner, Andrew Connell, and last but not least, Bob Tabor and his team @ Learn Visual Studio.NET

No more Blog Engine and hello new customized website built from scratch! Everything you see here was designed, developed, and written by me and with some help from a few experts. As it seems I've been questioned about my skill as a web developer and even though the Blog Engine was only a temporary solution to get me up and running, I had planned on creating my website from scratch a long time ago. I had to work harder and late hours to get my new site up and running ASAP and show some samples of my work and demonstrate some of the things I've done in the past and talk about what I'm doing now and plan on doing in the future.

Thanks to all and let us continue learning together,

My name is  Jose M. Tamez , I spent four years in the navy as a radioman, which by the way is now called something else. When I was honorably discharged I wanted to be a programmer and I bought books on Pascal, Fortran, and other procedural programming languages but quickly learned that the only way to run code or learn about programming was in college. I didn't have the money for college so I drifted around doing other things and then eventually discovered the web, and by 1995 I was hooked. I started going back to school and taking computer classes and I learned more about the web and by the time year 2000 rolled around, I was working as a web designer and web developer. Early 2006 I was hired as a web designer through a temp service at  CMC Construction Services, all the hard work up until then had finally paid off. I always say “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind” and after many years of struggling for a break into IT, it finally came and I was ready. I assissted marketing with branding their external web presence and created hundreds of pages for their web site using ASP Classic(vbScripting) and after more than four months, I was finally hired as a full-time employee. The rest, as they say, is history.

During my time working as a temp, I found WSS2.0 and I quickly learned how the company was using it. I learned what I considered  a very unique approach to providing intranet web solutions through the use of web part technology. I realized it’s potential and I found the company interested in adopting the new Portal 2003. I wasn’t impressed with Portal 2003 but I carried on anyway and continued to work with it until I eventually found MOSS2007 while it was still in beta. I really found it interesting and the more I read and learned about it, I thought it was a much better approach and it offered more features which made it much more powerful. I thought at first that it was using .Net Framework 2.0 but as it turned out it was using Asp.Net 2.0 and it was being built on top of the new 3.0 .Net Framework (Workflow Engine). I really found it promising and the longer I worked with it the more I looked forward to its initial release. I stopped working with Portal 2003 and started working with the new MOSS2007 while it was still in beta and I never looked back. I couldn’t wait for its 2007 January release and as soon as the new year rolled around, by the end of January I had a three server farm setup with MOSS2007 using three Dell desktop machines, believe it or not. Afterwards I asked the IT manager if I could upgrade our current WSS2.0 to the new MOSS2007. Sure, he said, I don't care, so long as you never let the current SharePoint system (WSS2.0) go down and you make it a smooth and transparent transition. Ok, I had a big challenge in front of me and I had to be very careful. I was still enrolled at Kaplan at the time and working many hours on the new MOSS2007 and then the parent company CMC  had requested a meeting of all the company's web developers to discuss the parent company rollout of MOSS2007.


The parent company identified and gathered up all those who were listed as software engineers or programmers and singled out those that were web developers and invited  us to Dallas for a meeting to discuss a future portal upgrade. They picked me to be a part of the new corporate portal installation team. Again the hard work paid off and I was really excited about that and soon afterwards we started having monthly meetings in Dallas and I would fly out to meet with the corporate team and start planning the new MOSS2007. Now I had a good excuse to ask for some training because I wanted to get certified. When that was approved and I found Unitek Education in San Jose California and by the end of May I was trained and certified MCP and MCTS MOSS2007.  I spent one week in San Jose, California with Unitek Education who was offering the "5 Day Official MCTS: Configuring Office SharePoint Server 2007 Boot Camp" led by Clive Herman. The highlight of my experience working with the corporate team was towards the end of 2007 in November the entire corporate team flew to Las Vegas for the one week long DevConnections SharePoint. Corporate allowed us to pick a workshop which cost extra, and I chose the workflow workshop, which I had always found interesting, and the workshop was very good and cleared up some questions on state machine workflows. I have been working with SharePoint since 2006 starting with WSS2.0 and SharePoint Portal 2003, and I'm now working with Foundation and SharePoint 2010 Server and it just keeps getting better and better. I have completed a week course with  Critical Path Training , The Great SharePoint Adventure 2010  led by Ted Pattison and I can say that SharePoint development has come a long way from the days of WSS2.0 but it has been an incredible journey and I'm still loving it.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to fillout the contact form.

It's never to late to learn!

Jose M. Tamez, MCP, MCTS MOSS2007, SharePoint 2010

Certifications and Academic Credentials Get Adobe Reader Microsoft / IT Academic Technical Millitary




The following is a list of the most influential drummers on me and my drumming. (Green color indicates the drummer is a lefty.)


All-Time Legend Greats:

  • Buddy Rich

  • Gene Krupa

  • Hal Blaine

Greatest 60's Influential Drummers:

  • Ringo Star (Beatles)

  • Mitch Mitchell (Jimmy Hendrix)

  • Keith Moon (The Who)

  • Chalie Whatts ( The Rolling Stones)

  • John Bonhem (Led Zepplin)

  • Ginger Baker (Cream)

  • Bill Bruford (Yes)

  • Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Greatest 70"s Most Infuential Drummers:

  • Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra)

  • Neil Pert (Rush)

  • Steve Gadd

  • Vinnie Colaiuta

  • Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dreggs) Favorite album: Unsung Heroes

  • Peter Criss

  • Tony Williams

  • Lenny White

  • Ian Pace (Deep Purple)

Greatest 80"s Most Infuential Drummers:


  • Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck) Favorite album: There and Back

  • Steve Smith

  • Tommy Lee

  • Phil Collins (Genesis)

  • Dave Weckl

  • Dennis Chambers

  • Alex Van Halen (Van Halen)

  • Mike Portnoy

  • Bobby Rock (Houston Native)

  • Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons)

Greatest 90"s Most Infuential Drummers:


  • Dave Grohl

  • Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez

  • Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

  • Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge - Rod Stewart - Monster Clinician)

  • Alex Acuna (The best congas in the world)


Greatest Most Infuential Drummers to Date:


Thomas Lang (Monster )


 Drums has always been a part of my life and it's always been very personal and private to me. I"m proud and blessed to have been able to play with so many other great musicians. Just a few of the bands I play with a long time ago including Tejano Jodi Torrez, Jessica Hernandez and a few others.

Posted: 12/15/2013
Well it's official, I've started playing again and it feels great. I started playing again back in December 2012 after seeing so many drummers my age on YouTube playing some of my favorite covers and I just thought, I can do that too, I need to start playing again. So I started with a cheap electronic kit I bought on Ebay and by the end of February the following year 2013, I ended up splurging on a brand new Gretsch Catalina Maple kit. Then I saw the new Crush Acrylics and I couldn't resist, I bought those too and I thought about adding the Pearl True Trac electronic drum pads and I’m glad I did because they look and sound awesome. That’s right, at first I was using the cheap electronic drum module and it was limited so I broke down and got a better one. This time instead of buying another electronic kit I looked into the Pearl Tru Trac's electronic drum heads and getting a new drum module. I got the Roland TD-10 that I bought used on Ebay along with the additional card and I splurged on the new Pearl Tru Trac heads and they are awesome and worth every penny. It has many more connections and drums sounds and I can create loops and samples. I have all the cymbals I need but they’re too loud played at home until I can sound proof my garage, which is my next project. Thanks for visiting!

Posted: 05/25/2017
I won't be posting any videos every six months. For now, these are the only videos I've had time to upload. In the near future ,I will be updating this site and adding more drum videos as time permits. At this point I have a Roland TD30K electronic kit and I don't have any acoustic drums anymore. I can't play my acoustic kit at home and the Roland TD30K is perfect and I can play with headphones and not cause any problems with the neighbors. I have a set of Collector Series on order and I should be getting them very soon. The last band I was in provided me some acoustic drums so I was never in any hurry to buy an acoustic kit. Now, I have all the cymbals and some hardware and I'm ready to buy the kit I want. Thanks for watching and please leave a comment.

Rush - Natural Science


Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy

I'm starting out with hard rock so I can build up my chops and while I'm practicing my rudiments. Eventually, I want to start play more progressive rock and more funk. I love funk and all the linear rhythm’s you can play as well as the syncopated stuff.

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Last Updated November 24th 2013