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The Sandbox Solution
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Posted by: joet, on 12/13/2012, in category "SharePoint"
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Location: Houston, Tx, United States
Abstract: Back in 2007 the first book I bought on SharePoint development was from Ted Pattison called "Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0" and it kept me busy for a very long while. Finally, I made it towards the end of the book and read about implementing code access security (CAS). Implementing CAS was no picnic but it has made me feel very appreciative of the new development feature in SharePoint 2010 called the "Sandbox".

As we soon discovered I realized this had to do with restricting the execution of code that was most often deployed to the global assembly cache or GAC. At the same time I realized how important it was to have a safeguard against poorly written code that could cause performance issues or worse yet, destabilize an entire farm.

"The sandbox is designed to bring greater stability to a SharePoint farm by restricting actions that could cause problems with performance, security, or other areas. This stability is achieved by limiting the functionality accessible to custom code solutions through the use of code access security (CAS) policies and by restricting access to portions of the object model."


For example, I’ve seen a client suffer from poorly written code and not have a clue as to why SharePoint is mysteriously suffering performance issues. Typically, the SharePoint administrator has never done any kind of development and/or has no programming experience or training of any kind, and doesn’t have the skills necessary to identify the issue much less fix it. In fact, SharePoint administrators may actually cause further problems by desperately changing the farm configuration in an attempt to regain stability. Sometimes such situations become chronic, which results in worsening the situation for both the administrator and all SharePoint users, who can begin to question the viability of SharePoint as a platform.


So from that, I have always told people that the Sandbox was a new feature for developers that replaced the old way of implementing CAS, although I don't know of any developers that did. The point is that I often see SharePoint developers go straight to farm deployment and not consider the Sandbox. This is wrong! We need to start making the decision as to what security level we use to deploy our solution. Microsoft has made it very easy for us and now we can focus on determining what projects that require custom solutions in SharePoint, can be deployed with partial trust.

If you want to deploy custom SharePoint solutions in 365 you’d better know about AZURE and how to write calls to external resources using the Client-side Object Model in a Sandbox solution.


At least that’s my take on it but I'm still learning, what’s yours?


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