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What is XML?
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Posted by: joet, on 9/29/2011, in category "XML"
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Abstract: HTML has a weakness,applications that can read HTML tags can display HTML documents without having to know anything about the document itself, its size or data type, in order to display the document. However, it doesn't describe the data and there's no way for you to enhance the HTML set to describe data. HTML consists of a limited set of standard tags that describes how information is to be displayed. It is this capability that gives HTML its strength-and its weakness.

You can use HTML tags to specify how a book title is displayed, but you cannot use them to identify text as a book title. A new standard needed to emerge and the three C's ablidged and new standard was born. A subset of SGML, the new XML was developed as a customizable markup language tha is as simple to used as HTML and that works well with HTML. You can even define your own set of XML tags, like Microsoft has done in a lot of ways, to describe information that's relative to your business. In a ntushell, XML is a markup language that's used to represent data so data can be easily shared among different kinds of applications that run on different operating systems.

XML is very flexible! XML enables you to update the definition of the XML document without breaking existing processes - that is, you can make the update without having to alter the application that processes the data. XML makes exchanging data easy while providing an efficient way to modify an XML document without having to change existing parsing routines. Companies can exchange data with  business partners without having to have their IT departments setup elaborate routines to exchange data. This is why we have WEB SERVICES - RSS FEEDS.

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