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Custom Formatting - DetailsView Template Field Example
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Posted by: joet, on 8/10/2011, in category "MS SQL"
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Abstract: Other cool examples from Scott Mitchell's data tutorial involves modifying a template field in the DetailsView control. This time instead of modfying a field I deleted those that I was replacing and then added a new TemplateField. Then I added three lables and then binded each label to a different data source, except for the first label that simply says "(In Stock / On Order)". Of course we added the object data source like before and then used the GetProducts" method and then modified the field names and deleted some others.



Go here for example!


The other example presented on this page is another formatting method like before, in the code-behinds page that's called from the "ItemTemplate" that shows a different formatting of "Yes" or "No". This time the method was much simpler:

protected string DisplayDiscontinuedAsYesorNo(bool discontinued) { if (discontinued) return "Yes"; else return "No"; }

Then in the ItemTemplate field we change the markup to:

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Discontinued" SortExpression="Discontinued">
<%# DisplayDiscontinuedAsYESorNO((bool) Eval("Discontinued")) %>

Pretty simple right?


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