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Academic Service Memos - HISD
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Posted by: joet, on 7/25/2016, in category "SharePoint"
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Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Abstract: • HISD had an external messaging service thru Word Press called Academic Services Memos. It was accessible to the public and local news agencies and this posed a problem with security. The decision was made to bring this solution inside the network and SharePoint was the chosen platform for hosting this web application. I was tasked to replicate the external solution into SharePoint. I replicated the look and feel and replicated all of the features that were being used on Word Press into a content query web part using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, XSLT, and various functions. SharePoint Team Lead could not distinguish between the two and was very impressed. The solution was well received by those who managed the external solution and it was published into production after the 1st of the year 2016. Go here to read the HISD News Article:


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