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Memory Dump - How-to
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Posted by: admin, on 6/10/2012, in category "SharePoint"
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Location: Houston, Tx, United States
Abstract: This is what Operations needs to do when the Team Site servers start acting up again before they reboot or recycle any app pool:

  1. RDP into the server
  2. Open Task manager and take note of the process utilization to identify a process that is using up the resources (eg. High memory, cpu)
  3. If the W3WP.exe process is eating up the resources, go to the command prompt on the server and type the following (cscript c:\windows\system32\iisapp.vbs)
  4. Take note of the Process ids associated with each W3WP.exe process
  5. On the server go to Start, All Programs, Debug Diagnostics Tool, DebugDiag 1.1
  6. Choose Cancel when prompted to create a new rule
  7. Click the Processes Tab, and then find the affected instance of the w3wp.exe process (Memory used and Process id will be displayed)
  8. Take note of the process id that is using up the memory/resources
  9. Right click on the Process and choose “Create Full User Dump”. If possible, please create 3 dumps over a 5 minute period.

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